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We believe the meaning to life is contribution! Our passion is lit up when we complete a successful transformation. Pride last forever and nothing can take that away when you get comes temporary joy, when you give the pride last forever. That is true fulfillment for us… In our culture life is full of struggles, ups and downs, financial hardships and emotional agony, we understand that many people could be one missed paycheck away from catastrophe and homelessness.

The Homeless Coach will Engage the homeless community from coast to coast with a powerful belief that no one deserves to spend the night on the street. The Homeless Coach will use resources donated to provide the basic needs of each individual. Give love and inspire the greatness within through integrating NLP, Human Psychology, Mastery Level Persuasion and Influence and Psycho physiological Coherence. We will provide basic needs and install a set of systematic and consistent training strategies that will deliver a set of tools for the individuals. The skills integrated in the individual will be rewarded with a new life filled with joy and happiness the rehabilitation process will include a success reintroduction into productive society.

We will inspire greatness and foster the untapped potential in every person we engage. We are practicing the Human Potential Movement and we will contribute to making society a better, safer, and less violent place.

About Me

I love chasing dreams from the farm fields of Iowa to the football fields of Northern Finland, I have traveled the country pursuing my dreams and now my dream is to chase greatness and helping as many people homeless or not to pursue and enjoy greatness. I don’t think greatness is ever a level you catch it’s constantly raising the bar, so enjoy the process and my passions aligned with my purpose is when I found the meaning to life. Fight Homelessness and help as many people as I can rise to success and realize their own greatness.

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