Fear once it sets it can cripple us if we let it. 3 years I let fear hold me back from executing on a non profit I have such intense passion for Why?   Was I going to get hurt, I don’t want that much attention, the drug problems how can I handle them, I’m not good enough, I might fail, I was going to get taken advantage of on and on and on from my internal voice and from the voice’s of people closest to me.  

My why lays deep in the facts of life’s struggles, it is a constant battle to keep a float at times if not for an extremely great support system of family and friends I’ve been blessed with I to would be homeless.  I can relate to the battle of getting out from the people I have worked with it seems seem impossible, constantly fearing for your safety sleeping on bus’s, park benches, eating out of garbage cans, no address to put on a resume, no references, complete darkness and hopelessness. 

 I hate to see people struggle because I have felt the struggle the bills mounting, no end in sight. Without a great coach to help push even the strongest of people could tumble into the depths of homelessness.  That is why The Homeless Coach is committed to doing everything possible to help as many people as possible. I Am fully committed to learning and growing developing daily so I can make a difference on the street and fulfill my purpose of contributing everything in my power to growing this non profit to a national level that can support our ultimate goal of having a place for every person no matter how tethered and damaged a place to sleep at night. 

 Helping Vinnie solidified my why because helping him get to a place in life he never imagined possible is the best feeling in the world. 

The day I met Vinnie I made a decision to stop procrastinating it was time to face my fears and go help with love, kindness, an open heart and a commitment to make it happen no matter what, the first thing I said to Vinnie is you are not homeless anymore I will not accept failure but the work and adversity we are going to face will be daunting.  I was guided to him, my first homeless mission in a few years my nerves amped I was ready to find someone and help them change their circumstances. I dropped my wife off at the gym and had two hours to find and turn someone’s life around.  

The first homeless person I came to after driving a few miles was who I would soon learn was Vinnie F Chase three years homeless and I remember him vividly telling me that day I’m going to die out here on the street and that was his biggest fear.  I had to rapidly swing into a parking lot go race around the block and cut him off in a fry’s parking lot, Vinnie F. Chase’s life was to change forever, I uttered those words to myself before I stopped to talk to him. 

Vinnie struggled with an old relationship and had some trouble with the law and excessive bills for him and his significant other lead to homelessness.  As I sat down and talked with Vinnie I realized that he had a work ethic a skill set and a desire to change his circumstances. I lit up as he said he wanted to be a truck driver as I knew exactly where to take him. 

We went to the barber and Vinnie told me story after story, He had lived an interesting life and was well spoken.  His dream is a flip flop cherry Harley Davidson, he once had and lost throughout the tribulations of life. It was refreshing to see what seemed as the first smile Vinnie had flashed in months if not years.  

Vinnie looked great with a huge smile after the haircut.  We strategized on how can we get in housing in less than two weeks, our target goal is take massive action and acquire housing and work in two weeks or less. Vinnie’s last resume was stolen along with a backpack full of belongings months ago. We had to urgently create a resume and find permanent work or driving school Vinnie’s first choice.  


After leaving Vinnie at the Bus stop with an action plan a 40.00 in cash and a few groceries we sat out to find at minimum temporary housing with the hopes of landing a seat in truck driving school. Three days later we would have an interview for truck driving school. 

The interview went great and we went for a DOT physical.  I was glad to be their to coach Vinnie through as he nearly gave up and uttered the words take me back to bus stop that’s where I belong, along with several other bouts of self doubt.  I had to reaffirm nothing is easy but I’m fully committed to getting you off the street you MUST not give up. If one strategy doesn’t work we try another and another until we reach our goal. We all hit adversity in life, there will always be obstacles, and hurdles to clear and the only option is strapping up and running straight through it.  It is tough it is hard it is tedious and it takes some grit but we will not fail, I uttered those words to Vinnie profusely as his quest of homelessness will soon be coming to an end as long as he would not stop quitting was not an option. The homeless coach sponsored two and a half months of a hotel stay to get Vinnie off the street so we could take care of the necessary requirements for driving school.   

Frightened by the darkness of life on the street Vinnie sat awake nightly out of the fear he would be arrested or the constant knife attacks he has to defend to keep his backpack full of belongings within his possession.  Vinnie was now getting sleep and preparing for the future. With the backing of a coach that will never let him give up. We had our battles over the phone and plenty of adverse conversations but ultimately grew into friends for life that would do anything for each other. 

Vinnie spent three weeks in driving school and is currently graduated and starting a new career in commercial trucking.  

This journey with Vinnie has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I look forward to many more successful transformations.